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Sprint wrap-up Saturday

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Wrap-up from Saturday of the sprints at the Plone Conference 2017 in Barcelona.

Sprint document is on Google Docs.

  • Working on moving Pylons to the Plone Foundation. Tedious, painstaking work. PRs for documentation and some bugs.
  • Eric made coredev branch 5.2. Merged Zope 4 PLIP changes into that. Same amount of failures as yesterday, working on getting the build green. Work on porting databases, some mosaic problems are being fixed, most add-ons are okay. Wrote documentation for some code changes you have to do.
  • Plone to Python 3. We tried to fix all the imports in all the Plone packages that break on Python 3. Long list of PRs in the Google Doc. GenericSetup Python 3 branch that we first got to work on Python 2 again. Working through the usual string issues. Some semantic issues for PropertyManagers that we need to fix in Zope first. Gil made a list of which packages are not Python 3 yet, already in June, we ask him to update it.
  • Plone rest api. Problem with root users. There is a PR which disables that, but I have a workaround ready now.
  • VueJS SDK. plone.vuejs package, but may be renamed. Just basic stuff. Test setup. Started on some features, like traversal.
  • Pastanaga Angular. Travis setup. Universal. A mr.developer for Angular. Login form is done. Work on API and SDK.
  • Pastanaga React. Struggling with several issues.
  •, talking about license, fund raising.
  • Guillotina some work done, PR.
  • Plone CLI. Front end working. Fixing stuff in bobtemplates.
  • WSGI in plone.recipe.zope2instance. PR merged into master. Should be there in Plone 5.2. Support in the core buildout for the WSGI parts: wsgi.cfg config file. Basically done.
  • websauna. Pyramid 1.9 support is 80% done. Work on cookie cutter template to support Docker images. Will become easier to startup.
  • improvements, made mockups to make packages more visible. Set of icons will be reviewed. Should be discussed with website team. Make the listing more emotional.
  • pas.plugins.ldap. Fred chatted with Jens how we can merge back improvements from Asko and Zest. Documentation, that might be later merged to Also some collective.recipe.solr work.
  • upgrade guide, worked on documenting the PLIPs, restructuring a bit
  • JSON Schema Builder with JavaScript. Browser view with drag and drop, save in dexterity object. Angular app that traverses to the end point of the schema. Missing is the order of the fields which is not correct, and actions.
  • Mixed bag. Fixes for, new theme release with better version dropdown. Meeting with Manabu to talk about Tokyo. Server consolidation planning. Contributor agreements signed, 2.5 of them.