THIS TRAINING CLASS HAS BEEN CANCELLED. How to automate deployment of Plone servers, whether it’s one server or 100.

Instructor: Steve McMahon, Sven Strack

Length: 1 day

Target Level: Intermediate

Target Audience: Integrator


  • What you will learn: How to do Plone deployments with Ansible and OpsWorks. For Ansible you will learn to use Plone’s Ansible Playbook to do full-stack server deployments. For OpsWorks you will get an introduction to OpsWorks Stacks and learn to use the Plone Opsworks cookbooks for managing scalable multi-server deployments of Plone and other applications.
  • Documentation
  • Prerequisites: Basic command-line skills; familiarity with typical Plone deployment requirements. Please read Guide to deploying and installing Plone in production through the “Backing up” chapter if you’re unfamiliar with the typical deployment stack.
  • Things to bring: If you wish to try exercises or experiment during class, bring a laptop with Python 2.7 installed. (Python expertise is not required.) Either have a working Vagrant/VirtualBox install (test it!) or an account with a cloud server company like Rackspace, Linode, Digital Ocean, AWS or Google Cloud Platform. If you want to use Vagrant, download a recent Debian or Ubuntu box in advance. If you want to use AWS OpsWorks, you’ll need an AWS account with OpsWorks enabled.

When: From 10/17/17 8:40 PM to 10/17/17 8:40 PM