Barcelona is a very popular tourist destination so there is a huge accommodation offer to stay in the city. You'll find the right place for your taste and budget. The venue is located in the Pedralbes, the Barcelona's upscale neighborhood, so it's very unlikely that you'll find cheap accommodation around it. On the other hand, the venue is well communicated by public transport. It is reachable easily by Metro, Bus and even Tram lines. You can stay close to the city center and still have only a 30 minutes commute to the venue, or choose to be closer to Pedralbes in surrounding neighborhoods like Hospitalet de Llobregat, Esplugues or Sant Joan Despí, having a 10 minutes commute in Tram or even enjoying a nice short walk.

Choose the right place for you

We recommend you to plan ahead and look for a place that fits both your city expectations, commodity, and budget. Barcelona is known for its huge accommodation offer. Almost every place works along with hotel deal sites like, Trivago or Expedia. Lots of Airbnb options are available too in case that you what to avoid hotels. 

Nevertheless, we made a quick selection of places for you.

Near the venue

There are a lot of places to stay around the tram lines (T1, T2 and T3). These lines go across the neighborhoods of Hospitalet, Esplugues and Sant Joan Despí where are strategically located several interesting accommodation places. We've made a list of some of them:;tflv=0;wl=eC20gMJhpzafjz%2Fg7MSHbuysGHE&

Near the city center

As you may expect, staying at the city center is expensive but may be worthy of it if you plan to live the city to the max during the conference. This is our selection:;tflv=0;wl=nHH38FYaXrTYO8T9zbmJsutId6I&

Near the beach

In case that you are in the mood of enjoying the last remnants of summer sun and heat or simply enjoy of the sea side, this is our selection:;tflv=0;wl=bKROs9BjEDKNEqvJiLkcZ9dHAjI&

Disclaimer: The organization has no relation or takes no commission whatsoever of the aforementioned accommodations. The lists have been tailored following common sense and local knowledge of the author of this section. The lists are meant to be used as guidance, take your time while looking for a place to stay. The offer is huge and Barcelona has a lot to offer depending on your preferences, budget or expectations.