The Plone Conference is the annual gathering of the Plone community. The Conference is organized and presented by the community and supported by the Plone Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to fostering the growth of Plone. The Conference has been held every year for the past decade and a half. It is rich with tradition and widely anticipated by Plone lovers worldwide. Your sponsorship of this beloved event helps to keep it open and available to the broadest group of people possible. The Plone Conference attracts a diverse audience. The attendees include content creators, editors and managers, site and system administrators, integrators, and core developers and decision makers. Plone has a global user base and community; attendees come from around the world, with the typical Conference audience representing every continent (except Antarctica!).

If you use Plone

As a user of Plone, sponsorship is a great way to contribute to the Plone community and the software that is so core to your digital experience. Your sponsorship will keep the cost low for attendees so they can learn about the innovations taking place in the Plone world. Your sponsorship will support the best training classes so attendees can stay up-to-date with current practices in theming, integration and development. Your sponsorship will support the improvement of both core Plone software and add-ons during the development sprints that take place at the end of the conference.

As a Plone user you should plan to attend the conference. And if you are able to, support the Conference with your sponsorship at any of the levels shown below.

If You Are a Plone Provider

As a company or individual who builds Plone or a Plone add-on, sponsoring the Plone Conference means showcasing your company for the entire Plone community. As a sponsor, you will be recognized as a leader in the Plone services marketplace. You will be seen as one of the active and reliable firms developing Plone digital experience solutions.

Join this group of companies of national and international renown and sponsor the Plone Conference at any of the sponsorhip levels shown below.

If You Are a Company Using Open Source Software

Plone is used by many different types of organizations, and thus Conference attendees possess a wide variety of knowledge and skills. As a company that uses Open Source Software, sponsoring the Conference is a great way to advertise your company, your products and your jobs to this diverse and talented group. Content creators, editors and managers have experience with authoring, editing and documentation as well as content lifecycle management. Site administrators have experience with information architecture and communications strategy. System administrators understand the management of complex software stacks, continuous integration and deployment and service scaling. Integrators learn domain modeling, API consumption and UI/UX design. Core developers develop skills with complex system and API analysis and design, network application security and pen testing, UI/UX design and implementation, test-driven development, continuous integration and more.

The Plone community’s focus on values such as inclusivity, civility, leadership, communication, and reliability make community members valuable assets for any team. As a result, members of the Plone community have been recruited by some of the top internet companies: Google, Mozilla, Facebook, Deloitte Digital, RedHat, Canonical, Counsyl, High Five and more. The Plone conference is an excellent venue to meet this caliber of candidate.

Add your company to the list, become a sponsor of the 2017 Plone Conference today!

Sponsorship levels

Sponsorship levels, amount and advantatges
Sponsorship levels Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Supporting Individual
Amount € 10,000 € 5,000 € 2,500 € 1,000 € 300 € 100
Mention on Conference website Included Included Included Included Included Included
Website mention with logo and link Included Included Included Included Included
Logo in schedule booklet Included Included Included Included
Logo behind speaker in main room Included Included Included
Logo on venue banners Included Included
Logo printed on welcome kit bag Included Included
Promotional materials in Welcome kit Included Included
Booth within conference premises Included Included
Promotional company talk Included Included
Logo at Conference party Included
Name on all emails Included
Company profile in schedule booklet Included