Chris Shenton

Chris Shenton is CTO at V! Studios, a hybrid creative and cloud engineering company outside Washington DC. He’s been supporting NASA for years, selecting Plone to build in 2007, and had a three-year stint at a startup during the dot-com boom.

After discovering Python in 2004, he vowed never to go back to his evil ways of programming in C, Java, and other unpleasant languages. He's been involved with the Washington DC area's Python/Zope/Plone user group DCpython for years.

He’s worked on artificial intelligence and robotics, large scale networks, building internet service providers, the first web site, fault-tolerant systems, high-volume messaging, systems security and penetration testing, 3D satellite orbit visualization, and many web applications.

In the past few years, he’s concentrated on building cloud-native applications such as (based on Pyramid). He is currently developing one of NASA’s first serverless applications which can provide dramatic scaling at drastically reduced cost.

Chris is CTO at V! Studios. His first Plone conference was Naples in 2007 and he’s glad to be plugging back into the Plone community. He plans to move to Barcelona this time next year.

Twitter: @shentonfreude   |   Github: shentonfreude