Pau Freixes Alio

I've been coding for almost 20 years and nowadays I'm writing software as a Senior Software Engineer for Skyscanner. I discovered Python a long time ago when there was the 2.2 release. The first thing that I loved so much about Python was the CPython library interface, it was so clean and consistent that took my heart forever.

Since then till now I have had the luck to live the improvement of the language and its community, based on changes such as the adoption of the idiomatic python, the influence of the TDD or even the hipper rationale society that reigns nowadays.

I like to be part of the open source community and to do so I'm always trying to help different projects. This last year I have had the chance to do some contributions to Aiohttp, Aioredis, Aioes and other open source projects.

I'm Pau, and I do like solve problems. If don't have them I can end up feeling very frustrated. Luckily, since the born of my first daughter Clara I have plenty of them :)

Twitter: @pfreixes   |   Github: pfreixes