Albert Casado

Albert Casado

Length: Long Talk

Target Level: Beginner

Target Audience: Integrator, Designer, User, Developer

Earlier this year, we presented to the Plone community in diverse forums the Pastanaga UI project. This aims to be a new generic proposal for building a powerful and modern UI for powering generic CMSs.

Pastanaga UI is not only about how things look and how they feel but also about overall UX and interaction: a new guide that will provide common ground for creating elements through all views and forms, allowing a unified and coherent structure and how to create new components in an homogeneus way.

Pastanaga also presents a new way to create and interact with your content via a brand new editor, simplified and ready for modern times.

Do you want to see a sneak peek of Pastanaga UI and Pastanaga editor? Do you want to help make Pastanaga happen?