Find out how this feature-rich Plone distribution is driving UI progress

Instructor: T. Kim Nguyen

Length: 1/2 day

Target Level: Intermediate

Target Audience: Integrator, User

About Castle CMS Castle CMS Power at Your Fingertips.jpg

Castle CMS ( is an open source distribution of Plone that includes:

• an enhanced user interface that streamlines creating and managing content on large, complex sites

• many integrated backend services, such as Elastic Search, Google Analytics, Amazon S3 bulk archival storage

• improved security, such as login/lockout support, two factor authentication, and login shield

Castle CMS was created by Wildcard Corp., the cybersecurity-focused web development company that creates and manages large-scale web sites for government, universities, and businesses.

What You Will Learncastlecms_logo.png

In this class, we will work through a set of exercises in which you will learn:

• the streamlined UI: the many new content editing features introduced by Castle CMS 

• the new integrated backend services that come with Castle CMS

• slots, tile layouts, and page designs: the differences between Castle CMS themes and Plone Diazo themes

• how to create and modify themes for Castle CMS 

We will also cover:

• the Castle CMS development and release roadmap

• the differences between the publicly available Castle CMS, Castle CMS Advantage, and Castle Cloud

• how to deploy Castle CMS on your own servers or as part of a managed service 

What to Bring

• a laptop with Docker installed (Mac, Windows, Ubuntu)docker_mono_vertical_large.png

• your questions!


See the training slides

When: From 10/17/17 2:00 PM to 10/17/17 6:00 PM

Location: S206A