Rudá Porto Filgueiras

Rudá Porto Filgueiras

Length: Long Talk

Target Level: Intermediate

Target Audience: Integrator, Developer

I will talk about our work at Briefy, a startup company from Berlin that provides visual content on a large scale.

When I started working at Briefy last year we had a big challenge: build a new product from scratch to automate the entire business. We built an entire technical solution consisting of thousands of lines of code running in the cloud with only three developers.

We managed to create and deliver a set of new components:

* Microservices with Pyramid and SQLAlchemy
* Frontend with Angular4
* Event dispatcher service handling: notifications, logs, bigquery integration and async tasks
* Paas environment with Deis to run our (micro) services in AWS
* Workflow library to model our business process

I will talk about this case of study from the initial challenge, technical decisions, non-technical issues and with an overview of each component of this architecture, lessons learned and future challenges.