Artur Iulian Daschevici

Artur Iulian Daschevici

Length: Long Talk

Target Level: Intermediate

Target Audience: Developer

In a serverless world Firebase can fulfill a promise of providing your app with realtime notifications. Firebase can be a great shortcut when you want to have real time notifications between your client apps by leveraging the observable streams Firebase provides in your React components.

After the talk building a real time notification system will be simpler to maintain and come with scalability built in.

I will try to leverage the real-time Firebase database for building a subscriber component for my application so that I get notifications as they are available.

1. How would I normally do real time notifications: Using redis with PUB/SUB and websockets to subscribe to publish and consume data

2. What is Firebase: Firebase is a real time datbase that takes over some of the complexity of managing your data. It has many language wrappers and is very easy to use

3. Wrapping Firebase library in a react component: In order to preserve the one way directional flow in React you need to wrap your firebase library inside a component to take advantage of the lifecycle

4. How Firebase and React work with the Redux state management: Once the firebase library is wrapped you can map the properties and dispatch actions when new data is available via Redux

5. Putting it all together: This is a wrap up and lets you know how all the pieces fit together

6. Live Demo: We will have a component that does a very basic insert into a firebase bucket, and updates the firebase letting the other users know that new data is available, followed by a live demo of the app

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