A wide range of training classes is included in your conference ticket price!

We lined up the best training and workshops possible out there for Plone, Python web frameworks and Javascript Frontend.

Training classes will take place the first two days of the conference, October 16th and 17th.

Please note that class sizes are limited to 25 people, but we will do our best to accommodate everyone!


The training rooms are located in the basement S2 of the Vertex Building (see the Vertex building location map). 

See the map of training classrooms.

All classes are near each other, except "Learn Plone" and "Intro to Castle CMS", which are at the far end of the building.

Hacking Plone

by David Bain

Create custom content types, a design for a website, layouts for homepages and content types, and custom application logic. All in the browser!

Learn Plone!

by Paul Roeland

How to effectively manage your Plone website content

Webpage Loading Speed Perfection

by Anton Caceres

Website speed is the first impression we are making to our audience online. Learn how to use speed optimization methods and integrate them easily.

Intro to Castle CMS

by T. Kim Nguyen

Find out how this feature-rich Plone distribution is driving UI progress

Advanced Python

by Oz Tiram

Dive into the Python internals, explore functional programming, while building your own web-framework.