We have keynotes, talks and demos of particular interest in the digital experience age, with plenty to offer users, integrators, developers and designers. Along with our Plone-related talks and keynotes, the conference has two other tracks: Python Web Frameworks and Modern Javascript Frontends. Come learn and share your experiences!


This year we have six keynotes, one in the morning and one in the evening of each day:

Denys Mishunov

Denys Mishunov

Denys is a frontend developer and public speaker from Norway. Being an art school graduate and an engineer, Denys is passionate about psychology, physics, history and drawing. In his day-to-day job he enjoys getting to the heart of the matter of things and processes. Denys was part of the Plone core team before going to the dark side of all-round frontend development. He has been building JavaScript applications, still breaking CSS, abusing HTML and working with performance optimisations of the frontend toolset.

Read about his keynote, "debugger; for Developers: What did Meryl Streep, Henry Ford and Albert Einstein have in common?"

Éric Bréhault

Éric Bréhault

Éric Bréhault wrote his very first web pages in 1993 and he is still enjoying it. As an IT engineer, he has used a lot of different web technologies, but since 2006, he has been focusing on Plone. He got involved in the Plone core development and he is now a member of the Framework Team. He is also the founder and maintainer of the Plomino and Rapido addons.
Passionate about frontend, he is part of the Plone Headless CMS initiative and develops an Angular SDK for the Plone REST API. He works as a technical manager at Makina Corpus—a French open source consulting and development company providing services for web and mobile applications—specifically on environmental issues and in the fields of web mapping and data visualization.

Read about his keynote, "Building a cathedral over decades".

Eric Steele

Eric Steele

Eric Steele began his Plone career with Penn State University's WebLion group, where he authored several widely-used Plone products, including GloWorm and FacultyStaffDirectory. In 2009, Eric became Plone's release manager, overseeing the Plone 4 and 5 releases. By day, he works for Salesforce.org, building testing and release automation tools to support corporate philanthropy and employee volunteering efforts. 

Read about his keynote, "The State of Plone"

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis

Jesse is Staff Engineer at MongoDB, specializing in C and Python. He's the lead developer of the MongoDB C Driver, and he contributes to Python, PyMongo, and Tornado. Jesse and Guido van Rossum are co-authors of the "asyncio Coroutines" chapter in the Architecture of Open Source Applications. Jesse lives in New York City with his partner Jennifer Armstrong and their two hamsters, Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper.

Read about his keynote, "Why generosity turns to rage, and what to do about it"

Simona Cotin

Simona Cotin

Simona is Cloud Developer Advocate for Microsoft. Communities power Simona up and that’s why she is co-organising the Javascript London meetup. Thrives on knowledge sharing, she has mentored in workshops for Women Who Code and NgGirls encouraging women to learn more about programming.

Read about her keynote, "Code and Deploy Angular to the Cloud"

Mark Pieszak

Mark Pieszak

Mark Pieszak is the Founder & CTO of DevHelp.Online, and a member of the Angular Universal core team. He has a passion for all things front-end and open source.  He's been working with and contributing to both Angular and AngularJS since their earliest alpha releases.

Read about his keynote, "Rendering JavaScript on the Server? Welcome to Angular Universal."

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The State of Plone

by Eric Steele

The stories we tell, how they preserve our past and shape our future

Our Castle's Strength

by T. Kim Nguyen

Castle CMS, an open source distribution of Plone with enhanced UI and integrated services for large scale sites

Baobáxia - the Galaxy of Baobab Trees

by Carsten Agger

Baobáxia is a community-built project to connect about 200 Brazilian quilombos to assist the interchange and preservation of traditional, community-built culture.

Single-Sign On Sites in Japan

by Manabu Terada

Intro to the system structure of some customer SSO sites in Japan